This symposium offers the opportunity for you to present your research and interact with colleagues from around Australia who are actively engaged in lifting pasture productivity for grazing industries and mixed farming systems.

We invite papers under the theme “Resilience in the face of change – pastures for the future”.

Suggested sub-themes are:

– Plant improvement for future grazing systems
– Systems for productivity & sustainability
– Adapting to challenging soils
– The changing profile of pasture weeds, pests & diseases
– Future opportunities to create value from grasslands

Papers are invited from authors with expertise and experience within these sub-themes for temperate and tropical pasture systems. Papers from overseas authors and students that are relevant to the theme and sub-theme are welcomed.

Abstracts will be selected for either oral presentation or poster presentation, based on quality and content. Abstracts of all papers selected will be included in the symposium proceedings. Authors of selected oral presentations will be invited to submit their manuscripts to Crop and Pasture Science to appear in a special edition. These papers will be required by Monday 4 May 2020 and will be subject to strict deadlines.

For general enquiries about the symposium contact Stuart Kemp: +61 437 278 873 |

Monday 30th May 2020
Email your abstract to
Deadline for receipt of full papers
Monday 6th July 2020

Papers should identify and verify the issue or problem, demonstrate solutions and likely successes as well as stimulate debate and discussion.

When preparing your abstract please follow the guidelines which can be downloaded from the button below.
When preparing your full paper please follow the Crop and Pasture Science guidelines for authors at
For further information about publishing contact Brendan Cullen +61 3 8344 8028 |

Authors preparing papers or posters for the upcoming 2020 Symposium “Resilience in the face of change – pastures for the future” can download submission guidelines below:

Full papers from 2017 symposium can be found in the following journal and table of contents:


Livestock Productivity from Pasture (Crop & Pasture Science Volume 68 Number 12 2017)

Table of Contents

Australian Grassland Association – Livestock Productivity from Pastures 2016

Stuart Kemp


Grazing management of dairy pastures based on tall fescue in southern Australia

R. Lawson, K. B. Kelly and M. E. Rogers


Full Text

Use of sensor-determined behaviours to develop algorithms for pasture intake by individual grazing cattle

L. Greenwood, D. R. Paull, J. McNally, T. Kalinowski, D. Ebert, B. Little, D. V. Smith, A. Rahman, P. Valencia, A. B. Ingham and G. J. Bishop-Hurley


Full Text

Quantifying the interactions between defoliation interval, defoliation intensity and nitrogen fertiliser application on the nutritive value of rainfed and irrigated perennial ryegrass

G. Pembleton, R. P. Rawnsley, L. R. Turner, R. Corkrey and D. J. Donaghy


Full Text

Enhancing composition and persistence of mixed pasture swards in southern New South Wales through alternative spatial configurations and improved legume performance

Richard C. Hayes, Guangdi D. Li, Graeme A. Sandral, Tony D. Swan, Andrew Price, Shane Hildebrand, Laura Goward, Chris Fuller and Mark B. Peoples


Full Text

Better management of intensive rotational grazing systems maintains pastures and improves animal performance

Badgery, G. Millar, K. Broadfoot, J. Martin, D. Pottie, A. Simmons and P. Cranney


Full Text

An initial investigation of forage production and feed quality of perennial wheat derivatives

Matthew T. Newell and Richard C. Hayes


Full Text

Does establishing lucerne under a cover crop increase farm financial risk?

L. Nordblom, T. R. Hutchings, R. C. Hayes, G. D. Li and J. D. Finlayson


Full Text – Open Access Article

The impact of extreme climatic events on pasture-based dairy systems: a review

Chang-Fung-Martel, M. T. Harrison, R. Rawnsley, A. P. Smith and H. Meinke


Full Text