Welcome to the Australian Grassland Association Inc.

cow-test-grassThe aim of the Australian Grassland Association (AGA) is to facilitate the ongoing improvement and development of the pasture industry. In order to efficiently and effectively target and use research capability there needs to be regular, structured, wide reaching reviews of the pasture industry. Such reviews need to consider past priorities and activities, the current status of research, the successes and failures and where we need to go next.

This review process takes the format of a symposium at which the scientific community, leading producers and industry stakeholders come together in order to contribute directly in the development of industry wide investment priorities and the research agenda.

To date we have had 5 highly successful symposiums;

  • The Australian Legume Symposium (2012)
  • Perennial Grasses in Pasture Production Systems ( 2014)
  • Livestock Productivity from Pasture (2017)
  • Soil Constraints on Pasture Productivity (2019)
  • Resilience in the face of change – Pasture for the future (2021)

Papers from these events were reviewed and published in a special edition of Crop and Pasture Science.

Getting involved with the Australian Grassland Assocation Inc (AGA) is easy – just contact us and help organise the next symposium!