The next symposium “Livestock Productivity from Pastures” will be held on 7th to 9th June 2016 in Armidale NSW. A call for papers has been released.  We invite papers that address the “Livestock productivity from pastures” theme under either temperate or tropical systems, in the high rainfall pasture zone and the mixed farming zone (medium to low rainfall environments).

Suggested sub-theme areas are;

  1. Filling nutritional feedgaps and addressing seasonal variability
  2. Increasing the nutritional value of pastures
  3. Grazing management
  4. Plant-animal interactions
  5. New technology for pasture based animal production

Papers are invited from authors with expertise and experience within these sub-themes and regions. Papers by the broader industry (including overseas regions) describing their own systems, issues, problems and solutions under these sub-themes are also welcome.

For more information please download the flyer here and prospective authors may review the submission guidelines on the publications tab of this website.

Registrations will open later this year.

For more information keep an eye on this page or contact us here.